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Introducing Claroty xDome: Driving Resilience by Optimizing Industrial Cybersecurity for Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is fueling innovation and growth in all sectors — but for industrial enterprises, these benefits are becoming outweighed by unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. From new risk blindspots in OT, BMS, IoT, and other cyber-physical systems, to adversaries growing eager to exploit these vulnerabilities, to rising pressure to meet demands of different stakeholders: current cybersecurity capabilities can’t keep up.

Striving to empower enterprises to digitally transform their industrial environments while driving resilience without these limitations, Claroty has launched a brand-new, SaaS-based platform: Claroty xDome.

Please join our upcoming webinar to learn more about Claroty xDome, the tough challenges it tackles, and how to get started on your industrial cybersecurity journey.
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